Monday Men Style: Getting Guys Involved.

What do I know about men fashion?  What do I know about their trends, or if the popular colors for season are similar to the women’s?  What do I know about what a man wants to wear that would make him stand out?  Not much, I can only show you’ll what I like to see on a man or who I think gives us looks that stand out above the rest.    

So I’ve decided to ask others to contribute their two cents to my Men Style section every Monday, sharing photos that inspire them.  Now I think it’s only right that I start this off with fellas showing their fellow fellas some love and I hit the jackpot with stylist Rafael Souto of  Rafeal was kind enough to write a couple of words, sharing what he thinks inspires us, and his explanation reflects in the photos he has chosen for our viewing pleasure.

Stylist Rafael Souto

“I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and I work with fashion, as a stylist. The tumblr idea appeared through the need of a fashion reference personal archive. Gradually, it becomes not even only a personal archive, but an inspiration wall to other people. Nowadays, everything can inspire us. The colours of a painting, the combination of someone clothes, whether male or female, an old photo of a Hollywood star, advertising campaigns, editorial, memories, like the senses react to a season, outside, a landscape. And why not leave all that inspiration manifest itself in our dress way?”

To see more of what inspires Rafeal check out his site.



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