Let’s Laugh At Ourselves My Fashion Brethrens.

New York Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter 2012 collections are officially over and London now has most of our focus on the designers we love over the pond.  Most of us can get easily caught up with all the fashion madness happening around the world throughout the month.  Planning outfits days in advance, trying to confirm our entrance into the shows, hanging out with friends we only see twice a year, and avoiding some people who just makes fashion look like a bad foil fabric-draped dress gone wrong.  

I had an incident at a presentation earlier this week when I politely asked a someone to move aside so I can photograph a pair of shoes.  Not only did he not move when asked the first two times, he looked at me like I was a bug that needed to be crushed.  It was only when I rudely positioned myself in front of him did he realize that I wasn’t one to be messed and moved far far away so I could get the perfect shot.

It seems that some people only understand rudeness and takes fashion way to seriously to the point  that they look constipated.  I just had the image of that guy in my head.  Don’t get me wrong, to survive and make it in this industry you have to be strong and work hard but, the Louboutin ballerina heels, stuck up the butt look,  not cute. Doesn’t matter who you are.  Even Anna Wintour was caught showing some teeth and smiling during fashion week.

So for everyone else who is n’t Anna Wintour, laugh!  Laugh, smile and enjoy being part of the most creative industry around the world.  Be polite to the person serving you drinks or handing you a towel in the restrooms.  Don’t look down at anyone because in the future, you may be the one trying to gain entrance into that person’s fashion show, he or she might be the individual responsible for the guest lists to all of the fashion week events, or think about leaving a bad impression on the future editors and writers of  major fashion magazines and websites. People forgive but don’t  rarely ever forget.

To help some of you transition and ease that thing stuck in your behind, watch these videos from The Platform : Sh*t Fashion Girls Say.

Funny stuff is a wonderful remedy.

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