Balmain Pre-Fall Gets A Pass.

I’ve never been a fan of the pajama pants being worn outside of the bedroom and onto the streets paired with heels or booties.  I can’t be a supporter of all trends and this is one that should of stayed tucked under the sheets.  Yet every once in awhile, a girl can change her mind, or give a pardon to a designer who might of given a forbidden trend some new found interest in that girl’s eye.  Just saying.  Maybe all it took to woo this particular girl on the pajama look was a particular designer with a particular look. That look being the oversize blazer with strong shoulders.   

Balmain Pre-Fall 2012 collection makes high fashion look comfortable, powerful, lean and sexy.  Yea, not everything tight or short has to be sexy.  The pieces from Balmain Pre Fall 2012 collection looks as though they were cut for men, but somehow looks better on the woman.  This would include the  printed pajama set that fits loosely on the body,  and can easily be paired with a well-tailored jacket from the collection or jacket or blazer of your very own, all the while leaving a lot to the imagination.


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