Alexis Bittar Meet Absolutely Fabulous.

Eddy and Patsy, the only two women in this world who can make their high fashion outfits look like a kindergarten project, (actually only Eddy).  The main characters from this nineties British sitcom, Absolutely Fabulous,  are two middle-aged, twice divorced women  who always smoked, always drank, and always a hot mess.

I remember Edina, Eddy being her nickname, the worst when it came to her attempts of staying young by wearing the latest fashion trends (all at once sometimes) chasing after the next fad and because of her immature behavior , Eddy’s daughter would always look like the adult between the two of them.

Patsy, Eddy’s best friend, took alcohol and drug abuse to an entirely another level yet managed to keep her beehive hairstyle in place during most of her escapades.

This series, Absolutely Fabulous is one that I didn’t grow up watching, but I did a chance to see several episodes from the nineties, and always wished that the series stayed on throughout the years just so I can watch these two women try to maintain their youth by going about it in all the wrongs ways.

For those who have no clue about these two characters, for lack of a better word, check out this video.

Absolutely Fabulous is set to air new episodes this year, so it got me thinking, what would some of the shows focus on?

1. The drunken duo trying to rub elbows with Anna Wintour in the front rows of during fashion week.

2. Patsy and Eddy working their special dose of crazy magic so they could be two of the chosen models at the always secretive Tom Ford fashion shows.

3. Guys think about Patsy and Eddy trying to get snapped by street-style photographers during fashion week.  Trend overload on Eddy.

4. Their instagram photos will all feature cigarette smoke in them.  Some photos may have the top of Patsy’s beehive in the corner.

5. Eddy will try some Soul Cycle sessions before fashion week while Patsy will try the Clean Cleanse Program, but that won’t stop them from smoking and drinking during the process.

I’ve been searching the web to find out what Absolutely Fabulous has in store for us and came across this Spring 2012 ad from Alexis Bittar.  What a perfect combination.  Alexis Bittar bold, fun, in your face statement making jewelry  being modeled by two women who make a statement the second they come through a door. I can find no words to describe that unique statement Patsy and Eddy makes, but I sure do like watching these gals over and over again, laughing while figuring it out.

Alexis Bittar Spring 2012 Behind the Scenes on Vimeo.

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