The Fall Before The Fall of Fashion: Givenchy

I would lick the sole of these boots, to own a pair.  Actually that’s the least of what I’ll do to get a pair of these bad boys.  Now lets get to the clothes!  Tailored so well, the pieces, worn together or as separates, are sure to make the wearer lean, mean chic-struting machines.   This Pre-Fall Givenchy collection is giving me that Flashdance feeling.  Wow imagine doing the Maniac dance scene from the movie while rocking one of the head-toe looks from the collection which has to include the boots!  Alright, alright might be best to take off the clothes so they don’t get soiled or wrinkled, and just keep the boots on with a leotard.  Yea much better. Left right, left right, now faster, faster, faster work those feet for a pair of boots!   


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