Monday Men Style: Somethings Old From 2011 to 2012.

First Monday of 2012 and I’m still getting getting the somewhat bitter taste of 2011 off my tongue.  Not going to fib, last year wasn’t one of my favorites, but one thing that always made me happy was to put together my Monday Men stories. Loved to think of the stories, research photos, create my headliner and shop for myself!  What’s theirs is mine, just the way I like it, and its not going to change for 2012.  If it isn’t broken why go fix it, right?
So what will the guys carrying over the 2011 to 2012 threshold so those men who have yet to find that stylish light, can come on over to the fashionable pack.


Look at the guys trying to compete with us ladies by rocking the double-breasted suites. This is what the real men of 2012 will be rocking and they’re not afraid to pay for these tailored  pieces  to fit their bodies fit right. 


Preppy socks with some grips to match.  No longer are the bright, printed socks just for the girls.  Guys will have us looking down more often because of the low-down socky pieces, but to keep that masculine look up front and center, pair the statement socks with boots or wingtip shoes that have the grips on the bottom.  A good foot fashion equilibrium between rugged and preppy.


I cannot stop yapping about my love for this high neck number for women. (see my holiday looks)  So I’ve pushed my much talked-about love for the turtleneck to the mens’ department. It seems that the men of fashion wisdom agree with me on this one, cause they want this classic piece going strong in 2012.


Well you can’t really get ride of these, can’t leave  them at the dry cleaners or change the appearance at the blink of an eye.  No two men had the same sleeved tattoos that surfaced more and more in 2011 which made it a look that showed the wearer’s personality more than anything else.  The originality with sleeved tattoos will be popping up more and more in 2012.  More colors, more inked stories, and more sleeve lengths to see on the men.

Looking At What’s Behind Them.

Louis Vuitton S/S 2012

Last but not least, backpacks!  Another trend from 2011 that only makes sense to be carried on into 2012.  The looks of the stylish packs make it easy for us ladies to steal, sorry borrow, from our male counterparts, without having to alter the backpack’s appearance so it  works with our chic looks. Told ya, what’s theirs is mine. (wink)

Photos via Streetfsn, GQ, and Tumblr pages

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