Talk Tuesday: Valentino Staying Ahead Of The Others.

Yesterday at 11am EST, I was dressed  in my head to toe Valentino look, front and center at a press conference waiting for the official launch of the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum at MoMA, which was hosted by Anne Hathaway. Then around 11:15am EST , the Youtube channel started to livestream the press conference and I came back to be reality.  I was home, sitting in front of my computer with a red maxi cotton dress on, my eye glasses on, and a bowl of oatmeal to the side, which was never finished since all my attention went to Anne Hathaway and every other person after her, that spoke.

I wanted to hear every single word that was spoken at the press conference, as history was being made by Valentino Garavani, a fashion house 5o years in the business and by the man behind the name,  who doesn’t even how to operate a dvd player.  His words, not mine.

As each speaker had their time at the podium sharing some history, the groundbreaking present and the future of the fashion house, I counldn’t help but look at this virtual museum as another way for Valentino to take control of the brand he and life partner, GiancarloGiammetti, built for over five decades.  For those who’ve been under  a rock, Valentino retired from designing ,October 2008, and since Valentino and Giancarlo haven’t been making clothes or discussing fashion shows,  they created an exhibit last year of the fashion designer’s early works, “Valentino, Retrospective: Past, Present and Future.”  That exhibit was the seed that started to grow into a early Christmas gift delivery December 5th 2011 that will keep on giving.

As of 12pm  yesterday, the  became downloadable for everyone to view Valentino’s designs and creative career with over 5,000 images of dresses, illustrations, photographs, and 95 videos of his fashion shows all neatly packed into a new revolutionary virtual 3D experience.   The idea is to replicate a visit to a palazzo with white walls and a glass roof exposed to a sunny sky.  “It is the first time there has been a virtual fashion museum — and people can interact.  We don’t want Valentino to be just from the past. We want something alive for the future.” words from Mr. Giammetti, who also explained how this virtual museum will be beneficial to students who can dissect garments and view the craftsmanship of legendary pieces up close, such as the bridal dress of Jacqueline Kennedy for her marriage to Aristotle Onassis or the vintage Valentino dress Julia Roberts wore the night she won her Oscar.

Its only a matter of time, before other fashion houses and designers launch their own virtual museums.  I can see it now, no more hoping or praying that a fashion exhibit will be passing through the city where you live in.  Collections that most of us will have to travel around the world to see or pieces of fashion history that a handful of us will ever get the chance to own, can now be at our fingertips to gawk at for hours.  I know it’s nothing  like seeing theses works of art in person, but when will that opportunity happen for most of us?  When will we ever be able to view every single garment or accessory created by the designers we love ?  Love for the virtual museums should be growing now.

Individuals who has the web as their only form of communicating and keeping up to date with the world around them, a virtual museum is the another source of education or an experience that books or a teacher may never be able to take them on.

Valentino Leather trench coat // RED VALENTINO Skinny fit jean // Valentino Studded suede sandals // Valentino Leopard-print calf hair clutch // VALENTINO Tomato Red Cross Body Bag With Gold Studs

The leather trench is suppose to  serve double duty as a jacket and a top, just a bra and cami underneath this green beauty.  The two bags… well I needed red to be incorporated somewhere (paying homage to Valentino and his love for the color red)  and since one bag is a cross-body, the other can be a clutch.  It’s my Valentino look, I could do no wrong once there is some red in there.

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