Monday Men Style: Going Out Strong Before 2012


2011 has been the year most men moved into the right direction with their style and fashion choices.  My gosh, I’m having a mental recap here, give me moment.  

Ladies, and gentlemen (I don’t judge) I want us to say thank to the fellas, thank you for having us doubling up on our quick glances when they passed by, adorned with well-tailored clothes on their bodies.  Thank you for making us smile when we looked down at the men’s footwear and realized that most of them understood how much cleaned, polished shoes or wearing cool sneakers meant to us, and this thank you should be a special one delivered with a kiss on a check or the lips since they’ve cleaned up their looks and physical appearances from head to toe.

With less than three weeks to go until 2012, we have to make sure the gentlemen finish strong.  Most of us will be attending holiday parties like they were going out of style, but you shouldn’t let the guys fall into that category, going out of style that is.
 Tis the most photographed time of the year and allowing the masculine counterparts in out lives to male appearances to events with us wearing scruffy clothes, scruffy shoes or scruffy beards, leave that look for all the Bad Santa Clauses out there working the malls and lurking in the alleys.  For the gentlemen you have deemed important in your lives, make sure that whatever Christmas gifts you haven chosen can be used or worn again. The fashionable men out there still haven’t stepped into “I’ve worn it once, now I done” way of thinking, like their female counterparts. That means we still have most of the attention on us!  We should thank the guys for that also right?  

Simone Wilde Photography, Jak & Jil, and Tumblr.



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