Just In Time For Party Time,RomeoStyle TV is Here

I know I haven’t been sharing much lately, the Christmas festivities have been getting the best of me!  I’ve also been working on getting over my fear of being in front of the camera so I can start sharing my styling tips and advice beyond the written words on my site.

My first exposure to fashion was through the words in the magazines. Always loved reading fashion stories, ripping the best articles out of magazines as  historic reference or just reminiscing, like the first time I first saw Proenza Schouler among the pages of Vogue.  Fashion stories from yester-years are like the nursery rhymes we first fell in love with as young children, now, as we’re older, some of us wiser, the nursery rhymes have now been revised, for our viewing pleasure, the TV shows Grimm and Once Upon A Time are perfect examples.  So now I think of Mobile Fashion as our future, it will no longer be just tweets or links to posts on blogs or fashion websites for our reading pleasure, but vlogging and video channels that will show us who are true trendsetters and fashion smartie pants wearers out there. I personally have like three pairs right now.

Going back to me getting over my fear… sometimes words in black and white aren’t enough.  The need to see the person behind stories and to see the passion expressed for this form of art, can reach more people and help some have a better understanding or least a bit more respect as to why fashion is a way of life  for us.  So with some market research and a verbal lickin from a friend to get over my silly fear, my first Youtube video is here on my very own channel RomeoStyleTV.

No better time to do this than the during the holidays when we celebrate and shop for that outfit which will most likely be worn only once. Well the video not only gives you guys a peak as to what I found for $100 or less, but I also share styling tips that may come in handy for the tons of parties you’ll be attending. Tuxedo for the Ladies!

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