Anna Wintour Shares An Archive Like No Other.

Vogue magazine is sharing their history with us and they’re using technology to do so.  While being interviewed  by CBS correspondent Serena Altschul for CBS Sunday Morning, Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles gave us insight on  Vogue’s new digital archive that’s available to the public and also discussed some of the magazine’s more historic covers throughout the 12o years Vogue has been in publication.  Mr. Bowles  revealed what Vogue subscribers will be able to see from the digital archive of 400,00 pages, including the very first issue from the year 1892. To access 400,00 web pages of some of fashion’s most historic moments from Vogue, comes at price of $1,575 per year.

For those who can’t spend the  $1,575 but can let go of lot less, a new hardcover book, filled with with the magazine’s most famous covers from over 120 years is available on

Vogue Covers.

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