Time For The Litas To….


If you are reading this, and own at least one pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, please sit down before you continue reading this.
It’s time to move on from the Lita relationship you have and breakup the family of Lita children you own. Denim Lita, Floral Lita, Suede Lita, Glitter Lita who likes to get the party started, and let’s not forget American Flag Lita. I’ll give you a moment… I know you shouldn’t breakup a happy relationship a woman has with her shoes, and I’m all about buying in bulk, but you know we have a Lita problem on our hands when at least one of the following has happened:

1.We’re lost count of the different versions, Jeffrey Campbell has made of the Litas.

2. We or someone we know owns more than three pairs of The Litas and are thinking about buying more.

3. A day doesn’t goes by without seeing a pair on a fashion blog, or fashion website.

I know why they’re been loved. The height Lita’s give us, the platform trend that Jeffrey Campbell started with the statement makers, the countless versions has kept it on heavy rotation in our seasonal wardrobe, the great prices they sell for and last but not least, it is the most comfortable platform style I’ve ever worn. Yea, I’m part of the crew. Going on say amen sistas.

Let’s take a little history lesson here. Like the pumps, kitten heels and mary janes of the 60s, those shoes shined above the rest during that decade only to be pushed aside and phrased out by, what do know, platforms of the 1970s. Yet those shoes came back strong and revamped in 2000 and have been reinterpreted again less than decade later. The same goes for the platform of the 1970s. A new look has been embraced, with new heights, literally, new materials and new designers who are pleasing an entirely new fashion generation.

With all of that said, let’s line all of our Litas up in a single file, go through as many fashion blogs that feature the platforms, and start letting go. Release us Litas from under walking spell. There is no reason to wear those platforms for another year especially with the new styles designers are giving us during fall/winter and great new heights, colors and looks for spring/summer 2012 to look forward to.

You’ll need space for the new foot candy to come and reselling our Litas now, you may get more money than others who wait a bit longer.
Use the money to buy new shoes and lookout for another installation of I Love The…> on VH1, where they will surely feature this platform obsession.
Remember guys, one thing about fashion, is that it’s always being reinvented.

I’ve found a variety of platform styles from Spring/Summer 2012 collections that can help some of us ease off the Lita’s addiction, while pondering the following…
1. Ready to say “Bye Bye Lita”, but not ready to lose the new found height advantage we’ve gained.

2. Onward and Upward. Staying ahead the platform trail is how you like to do it. Lita who?

3. You don’t mind holding on, but you like adding new click, click, clickers to your collection.


Photos via Style.com

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