Talk Tuesday: Showing Us The Way ShowStudio.

In 2003 I came across a fashion website that featured live-feeds all day long.  Back then I don’t even think it was called a live-feed, just live viewing of the interior of a studio or fashion offices with a clock at the bottom of the computer screen.  The site was based in the UK which made my find exciting.  At that time in my life, it was as close as I had ever gotten to seeing the other side of the fashion world as it was happening.  My hopes were to have something take place live when I visited the website. Something enticing, like a photo-shoot or a designer, photographer losing his/her cool and cussing up a storm.  Just something to bring my love for European fashion to life.  Unfortunately it never happened when I tuned in, but my explorations on the website showed a whole lot more, and opened my eyes to a new platform of viewing fashion.

Founded by Nick Knight, was the place that introduced the digital age to fashion. It showed me there were no boundaries for fashion and creating your own avenue, your own section within this creative world, challenging yourself and other creative minds to join in, is something we should all do to keep the fashion world evolving. is a place to witness the process of fashion, to participate in and allow yourself to contribute creatively.’s marriage between the Internet and fashion has evolved to give us live runway shows and photo shoots, interviews with legends from different facets of the arts, and created projects specifically for it’s audience, fashion lovers or not.

I would like to share some videos from that has influenced me throughout the years.  A site that have made me question my definition of fashion sometimes, has motivated  to think outside the box, and  helps preserve some of work from the late great, brilliant Alexander McQueen.

Massive Attack by Nick Knight

Nick Knight – Natural History Museum & Victoria and Albert Museum

Twelve Days

Twelve Days Of Christmas: Watch each of our twelve creatives’ decorative spirits run riot arranging Swarovski sparkles across a Nick Knight print in these short films


Object Fetish: Alexander McQueen Shoes

Object Fetish

Dynamic Blooms by Nick Knight and Tell No One

To Lee with Love, Nick. Tribute to Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight


Refined Rebel.  My very own video inspired by Nick Knight’s Photos.

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