Monday Men Style: Santa Only Has Red For You.

The color of the season is also the color that is affiliated with everything that is sexy, suggestive, racy and alluring.   Guys love to see women in red heels, wearing red lipstick or putting a red dress to work.  For women, men rocking red in smaller portions is much more effective in the turning-on department.  Unfortunately there is a man who is now ruining adult happy times with his jolly words and white beard while in his traditional red suite.  Velvet right?  

Santa Claus is his name and he’s been all over our televisions for the past few weeks with his Christmas commercials,  showing us what he’s been up to at the North Pole for almost a year.  Some of those activities obviously did not include losing any weight or trying to be sexy for the us ladies.  The adults love this season just as much as the children and it wouldn’t hurt Santa to put some effort into making us happy also.  He was turning me off with all his naughty or nice gimmicks while wearing the head to toe red and those black boots.  I had to stop old saint nick from destroying the true meaning behind this color.  While browsing some of favorite Tumblr pages I found images where the color red, popped out of the photo, visually pleasing me.  Naughty thoughts came into my mind,  so I don’t give two hoots as to what Santa will bring down the chimney.  

Check back with me this time next year, after Santa Claus takes my advice and works on pleasing all the kids and grownups, young and young at heart.

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