Monday Men Style: 10 Gifts Less Than $100


Sticking to the budget, is what some of us will be saying as we shop for the people we love and care about on our Christmas lists. You don’t want to seem cheap, but having some money in your bank account after New Years would be nice. So I figured why not stay under the double zeros before that dot? Every gift, party dress, toys, jewelry, everything will be below $100.00
The lower, the price, the better. Let me tackle the guys first.


Wesc – Porter 13 inch Laptop Case $63
One of my favorite accessories brands, Wesc, has helped me add another piece to my growing collection. Sharing is caring boys. This case is perfect for your IPad and IPhone together, if you want to leave the laptop home.


Taschen’s Intersection Cars Now. $30
This book is not only visually pleasing, but it can also be considered a textbook we all should own and share with generations that come after us. The automobile industry is changing and the book, Cars Now, shows the alternatives we will have, from the supercars of Morocco and Sweden, to Honda’s hybrids, India’s affordable Nano or even Rolls-Royce beating Bentley with its new entry-level model?
“Whether you’re looking for an off-road workhorse or a limousine, an electric urban runabout or an exotic supercar, if it’s on the road and worth a spin it’s in this book.”


Audemars Piguet: Master Watchmaker Since 1875 $92.31

With a 130 years of history, Audemars Piguet is sharing their creativity, and state-of-the-art technology behind making their luxurious, modern, stylish watches within the pages of this book. There are photos, some of which include the famous Royal Oak (first high-end sports watch), watches in the art deco era and the modern Millenary MC12.


Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves $63
Now that touchscreens are part of our lives, getting gear to protect our fingers during the colder months should also in our possessions. In comes Etre Fivepoint gloves, with contrast-color tips which are woven so that they conduct electricity to your IPhones.


Transit Issue Luggage Tag 3 for $50
Found this great deal while searching for my very own luggage tags. Couldn’t wait to share. It’s a perfect gift to surprise a significant other before taking them away on vacation, or for a group of usual travel buddies!


80s Cell Phone Case $20.
80s bulky phone style is back, but we can hold onto our 21st century touching love by sliding any version of the IPhone into this case. Guys, this is your chance to have that Wall Street moment.


Barney’s New York Plaid Silk Bow Tie $85
My love of bow ties on a man, had not been lost or forgotten, so of course it has to be in on this list. No longer reserved for just black tie events, the bow numbers are worn, by men who are confident and enjoys be fashionable.


Diptyque Curiosites Scented Candle $80
To celebrate 50 years of creation, innovation and passion for perfume in all its forms, this Limited Edition candle scent was created to honor one of the three fouders of the brand, Desmond Knot-Lee. The scent is composed of Alaska cypress, tulipwood, angelica, cloves and amber.


Case Scenario Pantone iPhone 4 Cases in Red, Green, Blue, and Black $54
Getting guys into colored iPhone cases are hard, but if they have a creative, artistic backgrounds add some Pantone colors and you’re in there.

Cheap Monday Black Kax Bag $90
Cheap Monday textured black leather bag, is also a fold-over messenger bag. This two in one has double rolled leather carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

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