For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: InCase Stuff

It is something we carry with us everyday. We can’t eat, sleep and sometimes do the unmentionables without it in our presence.  Accessories these small devices, and  showing them off should be done right.  Our smart phones and computer tablets are devices that can easily fit into our handbags, but why do that when we can have another excuse to express ourselves.  This gift idea ranges from the personalized to the name brand.  For some who don’t want to spent a lot, to others who would spend money for what they love, and I’m quite sure most of us will be weighing our options within the Mac users category. 

 Since we Apple devotees have already shelled out hundreds to thousands of dollars for our Macbooks, IPads and IPhones, getting our mac kiddies all dressed up with customized  logos or art work would of cost pretty pennies most of us weren’t willing to spend.  We rather save it for the upgraded versions of our mac kids.

Well I’ve found two sites that can help us dress up the Macs in our lives and make them look like our very own tech offspring.

Grove Made is a company, based in Portland, Oregon, that customizing cases for  Iphone 4, 4s, IPad2 and has several MacBook Air and Pro backs, all handmade from Bamboo and hand rub with coats of their custom natural oil/wax blend,  if you want it.  in addition, for IPad2, they also have beautiful leather engraved cases.


Case Mate should be a mate to whoever has a smart-phone, or computer tablet.  This site has cool one of a kind cases with graphics, artwork and logos for Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, IPhone smart-phones and several tables like Amazon Kindle Fire and Blackberry Blackbook.  Another biggie, customizing is the way they roll for about $34.99!!  So this is great for anyone who want to use their smart devices as advertising space. Or maybe getting something from case-mate is the perfect way for the people close to you to help support your business with this loving gesture and Xmas gift in one.


Last but not least, two more online shops from my creative brethrens on  

Nimoo  made to order cases for your smart-phones and MP3 devices range from $12.50 – $27.50

CrankCases has the some of the coolest graphics for their cases. Prices range from $13 – $23.oo

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