Talk Tuesday: The Streets Are Walking.

” If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Almost every single professor I had at Fashion Institute of Technology uttered those words and it’s the most important phrase anyone who is an artist is sure to remember.  Whenever certain issues arose and my job demanded most of my time, in the past, I kept falling off my creative wagon. I would sketch every once in a blue moon and can’t remember the last time I created a garment or a clutch.

After seeing the beautiful clothes that went down the runways around the world, during the last couple of weeks, my designing juices are flowing and the pencils, markers and Photoshop are in full effect again baby!  I’m easing into it people with the most important pieces of an outfit I can’t make from scratch yet, the footwear.  All I can do is look, lust, gasp in excitement, or maybe buy.  For the beautiful shoes that I cannot have in my possession, they will be sketched.

Illustrations by Kalyca Romeo.

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