Monday Men Style: What Did Tweed Say To Herringbone?

The chills are here and we no longer have the chance to see the boys rocking the sleeveless or the 3/4 sleeve- tops.  No more buttoned-up shirts with the sleeves rolled-up or the masculine wrist candy easily visual. (check this story out) Ohh the trauma these men will be inflicting upon us by hiding what their daddy gave them.  How can we survive the Fall/Winter without seeing some skin? Let’s all repeat these words, ” absence makes the heart grow fonder,” it can help us get by. In the meantime, let’s look forward to the fabrics that the men of style will be wearing.  The well-dressed men will have us staring and using our imaginations as to what they’re packing underneath that tweed suite.

Photos via, StreetFSN

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