Monday Men Style: Stars Smoke It Up.

How could doing something so bad, look so sexy? The celebrities have perfected this formula.  It is the appeal of who these stars are, their ability to seduce us and the different platforms they use to do so.  They can make us believe that bad is good.  To see beautiful things from an ugly situation and take us out of our own worlds into the fantasies they’ve helped to create, with their performances.  So why not have us following their trail of smoke-filled air like it was incense?  

I say all this now only because when we see celebs smoking it up, it is rarely in our presence, so there is no harm to us.  It’s usually from a movie screen, a stage or photographs, nor have I had the chance to date a smoker and find out if that puffing gesture can turn me on.  I’m lying, I did date a smoker once.  Not an actor but, he had movie star looks and New York City swagger, which made him even sexier.  He kept me excited for a while, but that special aroma every time I entered his Jeep, ohhh, I remember it for all the wrong reasons.  All that sexiness started to fade away and I started to worry about my poor lungs.  Obviously that relationship didn’t last,  my gosh almost forgot about the man.  

So with that said, maybe those different platforms which are the movie screens, stages or photographs are the best and the safest ways for celebrities to glamorize this bad habit to us.  


Photos via TheHandsomeBoyClub and GTheGentleman tumblr pages.


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