Monday Men Style: London Fashion Week From GQ & Tommy Ton.

What a team we have here! Tommy Ton paired up with to give us the mens’ best in show during the S/S fashion month.  If memory serves me right the collaboration started getting me excited around the same time last year and as each fashion week passes from the fashion capitals around the world, the photos keep getting better.  At the same time Mr. Ton and are showing us that there are some men out there who put some effort and takes pride in their appearances.  We women should not take any excuses from some of the men in our lives when they try to leave the house in garments that haven’t been pressed or dare I say cleaned.  (close your eyes for 5 seconds and nod your heads)

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s stare, tilt our heads every so slightly to the left, and marvel at how the guys, in the photos below, define their sense of style during London’s spring/summer 2012 fashion week.

The ankle length pants have are still going strong in London!

The love of backpacks have been spotted. Check out a selection below that are unisex.

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Even though this jacket has been worn down to the seam , this guys still makes his rip-away look cool.

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