Kenzo and Fendi Are Torturers Of Mine.

With years of practice and training myself to believe that good things will come to those who wait, it has helped me get by during the fashion months twice a year.  When I was a youngin and watched fashion shows for the first times, I noticed the designers were showing  collections for the upcoming seasons that were at least six months in the future.  I would question why show us what we’ll be wearing next summer at the end of the current summer season?  Why have us wait?  Ohh how fashionaive (new word) I was.  

Gaining knowledge about the business side of fashion helps me understand how things run behind the scenes and the cycle of the fashionable life we live by.  It also helps keep my somewhat sane and not feel as though the clothes will be teasing me for months before they hit the stores.  Scratch the last sentence. Who the heck am I fooling. 

Patience is not a virtue here, it is the ONLY option allowed, one I’ve never liked, and some of the  Spring/Summer 2012 collections prove that.  Kenzo and Fendi are just two of the several which will be called out.   

Exhibit A: Kenzo

This Kenzo S/S 2012 look is perfect me me right now.  Every single piece from the button-down shirt down to the open-toe booties that will look great with a pair of tights.  

Exhibit B: Fendi


This look from Fendi S/S 2012 is screaming for me to rock it with a grey or bright-colored turtleneck knitted top below the blazer.  

I  continued to watched the presentations from other designers,  and I couldn’t help but get giddy and start sucking my teeth just because.  I can’t touch  or try the clothes until they touch down into stores next year.  My gosh will some of the pieces I like from the collections even be available for purchase?  Ohh the pain and torture these designers put me through.  

Know what, I think it’s only fair that some of the pain I feel is shared.  So watch, watch how designers can be so mean and tease us with their creations, but still have us love them and call their names out while batting our eyes.  It’s a vicious, emotional cycle I tell ya.

Kenzo Printemps Été 2012 from KENZO on Vimeo.

Psss: Kenzo remixed one of my favorite songs for the show!
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) is the song!  Click on the album cover to listen to a sample.

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