Talk Tuesday: Another Serving Of Jean//phillip Please?

Fashion Designer Jean Phillip

Most women who attend a menswear fashion show, can’t help but adore the male models that worked the runways. Looking at the clothes, critiquing, picking top-sellers for the next season, are all part of the job, but the good-looking, toned, tall men, those are the perks. It’s ok to nod your heads in agreement with me, ladies and gentlemen ( I don’t judge), you’re only human.

Yet, at the Jean//phillip S/S ’12 show in Copenhagen last month, I found myself getting excited for the hoodie with the zipper detail, the high waisted shorts, the lose cardigan, and the jacket with the leather panels that had my name all over it.  Ok, it might of been for my own selfish reasons that I paid so much attention to the collection that was composed of mostly black garments, but Jean//phillip succeeded in keeping me focused on the clothes and not the men.

His spring/summer fashion show was the first time I got a chance to see Jean/phillip’s pieces and I was all smiles at the conclusion of it.  A menswear designer had me wanting garments meant for the guys, on my own body, ohh he did good!  I reached out to the designer who models his clothes better than the models themselves, for an interview.


Vital Stats:

Name: Jean Phillip
Stomping Ground: Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen
Age: Old enough to love James Dean, too young for Schlager Hits.
Most beloved possession: My IPod
Fashion idol: Casey Spooner
Favorite quote is: “Finish what you started.”
Last song listened to was….Halo – Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto
When and how did fashion come into your life?
It´s always been there but didn’t really interest me until later in my life.  I wanted to be an animator, and got in to one of the best schools in the world, but found out, quite quickly, that it wasn’t me.  From that day a fashion tale blossomed, as I had always known that it was gonna be one of the two.
What was the first piece created for your label, Jean Phillip?
A black sequins hoodie handmade.
What designers do you admire that are past, present and/or legendary?
It would be easy to say McQueen as he is now all of the above, and it pains me to say that, but the man was and will forever be a genius and fountain of inspiration.  Of the present Hussein Chalayan is no exception a master to me, you go boy!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Its very different from season what the inspiration takes form through.  This season, it was inspiration through pictures of the Japanese Samurai history, pictures and films were the references.
Jean//phillip looks from previous collections
Jean Phillip the label has been around for how many years now?
Four years
Were there any mistakes made in the beginning that has made you stronger and wiser about what you do with your business now?  Do you mind sharing one that will hopefully help others avoid the same mistakes?
Of course you make mistakes that make you stronger, and they have to be there in order to make you move on, All I can say is don’t swallow more than you can chew, one step at a time.
I could see myself wearing several of your garments, even though the collections are for men. Some of my friends have also wanted to covet some of your pieces.  Any plans on creating a women’s wear collection or making unisex pieces?
The pieces are for both men and woman to buy, as I see it you can wear whatever you want as long as you feel great in it.  This is you you can get all the garments down to a size XS.
If you had the opportunity to collaborate with a designer or a brand, who would it be and why?
Rick Owens – His vision and way of seeing garments, is so unique, but most importantly he a is strong, kind, and thoughtful person.
If you weren’t working in fashion, what else would you be doing?
If that ever where to happen, ask me then. (wink)
What words of fashion wisdom would you like to share with us?
Never go compromise!



Another 1 of my favorites. Great jacket to wear all year around.


In hoodie love with this piece from Jean//Phillip S/S collection.

You can Pre-Order Jean//philip’s Spring/Summer Collection on

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