Monday Men Style: Sharing Is Caring Boys.

Even though we ladies get most of the love when it comes to fashion, we’ve found more goodies to rock and we’re getting them from the guys.  Their watches, hats, belts, event he cufflinks.  With the Fall season upon us and the layered outfits which will be needed, there are more reasons to take our fashionable looks in new directions.  I’m quite sure the boys wouldn’t mind if we dip into their designated goodie backpacks and borrow some accessories for ourselves.  Actually not borrow, but share.  If anything, this should be taken as a compliment. Wink!

Sharing Is Caring Boys.

Fall fashion has both sexes working the button down shirts.  Rocking the cufflinks, gives men the traditional, classic look while for us ladies, nothing beats some more wrist candy to flaunt!

Item Blue Digital Square Watch $33

Timex 80 Blue Vision Digital Watch  $96




-No more gold watches people.  Time lovers, young and old, male and female all can stretch time with some rubber in your lives.

-Reel them in boys, no girls, back to the boys.   Know what, it doesn’t even matter what your catch of the day will be, male, female or both, try using this rope belt to do the job.

iconThere was no way, this passport holder from Alexander McQueen  and these IPad cases from Bottega Venetta weren’t going to be shared with the fairer sex.  Just imagine pulling these babies out at the airport to gain entry into a foreign land or at a meeting?  If you want all eyes on you, I couldn’t find a better way to get everyone’s attention, but keep in mind you want them watching you for all the right reasons!

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