Hubba Hubba Fashion: Collar Necklace Ladies.

As of late, I’ve been working from home and keeping my social calender blank.  Yesterday though, I decided to attend a friend’s birthday party at the last minute.  Doing so, I had to put on something that wasn’t close to my version of  the bummy look I’ve been rocking lately.  (converse sneakers with boyfriend jeans rolled up and button down shirts, unbuttoned low, no jewelry and no makeup)  I couldn’t show up to a party like my mother didn’t show me how to dress or I had no owner.  A lose white men’s t-shirt, harem pants, wedges and  a rose gold collar necklace from Tuleste Market completed the look, that was a WINNER!  I figured that the necklace will take all the attention away from my laid back attire, and boy did it ever.  Admiring remarks were made the entire night and my need for more of these higher up the neck babies, grew with each comment made!

The Collar Necklace is an accessory that will come in handy for the colder months ahead.  Collar necklaces compliment button-up shirts, high necklines and my fall/winter favorite, turtlenecks!  I look at the collar necklace as a our version of a man’s necktie or a new twist to the choker.  You don’t feel as though your jewelry has a mind of it’s own and the mission is to strangle you every time your head moves plus, having a neck-piece higher up your decolletage should work for someone who wants to take the attention away from their bust!

Try looking for a collar neck-piece that has an opening which is adjustable, avoiding the strangling effect or leaving impressions on your skin.

1. Jones New York Snake Collar Necklace $70

2. Lanvin Metal And Pearl Necklace$752

3. Dannijo Naomi Necklace $195

4. Tuleste Market Solid Petal Necklace $125

5. Dannijo Aram Necklace $158

6. nOir “Artisian” Large Geometric Collar Statement Necklace$310

7.  ASOS Airtex Leather Shirt Collar $27

8.  ASOS Gemma Lister Gold Leather Collar $229

9. TopShop Crocodile Print Collar $40

10. Marc By Marc Jacobs Claude Collar Necklace $260

11. ASOS Pleated Leather Collar Necklace $37

12. Karen London “Cleopatra” Rose Gold-Plated U Collar Necklace$210

13. By Malene Birger Cori Shell-Embellished Collar Necklace $68

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