Worth Watching: Beyonce End Of Time.

We all know Beyonce is one heck of a performer.  Hair whipping, hips shaking, heel stomping, all the while, sing at the top of her lungs like no other songstress can.  Since watching her video Year of 4,  the category of my fan status has changed from  Just A Fan to Slightly Obsessed.  It’s an admiration thing.  She gives us everything she has and then some  every time she sings and performs.  From her latest Album 4, the song “End Of Time,”is a mover.  You can’t sit still while listening to it and my impatience for a video had me stalking YouTube for anything. A cover on the song, a live performance, and hello….

I found a Target Flash Mob Performance by Todrick Hall plus a live performance by Miss. B herself.  Ohh I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Enjoy!

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