Talk Tuesday: How The Hell is James Goldstein?

“Who the heck is that man wearing the leather jacket with all the safety pins?” My friend and I kept asking that question every-time we saw him walking around the shows we attended during Fashion Week in Copenhagen.  What was he doing at the late night parties getting his swagger on, attending day-time gatherings walking around not talking to a soul, but getting all the attention, then visiting the cupcake shop, Agnes all while rocking the now infamous Balmain jacket?

From the sightings made at almost every event those few days, the slightly older gentleman wore only tight pants and t-shirts, with an elaborate hat and Balmain’s safety pins red jacket.  I had to find out who was this pimp daddy, stealing all the glory from the young ones?

James Goldstein is his name and basketball is his game. I found an interview by Derek Blasberg for Interview Magazine.

“BLASBERG: Were you always a flamboyant dresser?
GOLDSTEIN: Yes. I can remember when I was about 13, pink became a fashionable color, and everyone was wearing pink shirts. I took it a step further and got a pink suit. I was always trying to be ahead of everyone else in fashion, and as a teenager I was very much into the way I dressed. In my early twenties, I went to Paris for the first time, and that really had a strong impact on my fashion awareness. I stepped it up considerably from that point on, and I still feel like I’m advancing more and more in my look.
BLASBERG: Where do you shop now?
GOLDSTEIN: I do most of my shopping in Paris and Milan. Everything I buy is from European designers.
BLASBERG: Who are some of your favorites? I see that you’re in Galliano today.
GOLDSTEIN: Yes. I love John Galliano. I buy Gucci, Dior, Roberto Cavalli. From time to time I buy Dolce & Gabbana.
BLASBERG: Have you met some of these designers?
GOLDSTEIN: I know all the designers I wear. For many years, I was wearing mostly Jean Paul Gaultier, and I’m friends with him. Before that, I was wearing Claude Montana extensively. When Roberto Cavalli first started designing men’s clothes—which was his peak, as far as I’m concerned—I was buying almost the entire Cavalli line every season. I was very well known for wearing Cavalli—to the extent that some of the other designers wouldn’t let me come to their shows.”

There is much more to this interview that gives us insight on how James Goldstein got into the spotlight and why basketball, fashion and archtiecture are all listed on his business cards.

James Goldstein in Purple Fashion Magazine

The entire interview HERE

Photo from streetstylebystela.blogspot.comInterview Magazine

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