Monday Men Style: Review of Jean//phillip S/S 2012

That's me in all my shaded glory with my friend Kimberly.

I have yet to post about my adventures in Copenhagen earlier this month.  I’m still getting settled back into the New York way of life.  In the meantime, the reviews from various websites and writers are already out there and one of them is from my friend, Kemara Pol.  This talented photographer and writer, who lives in Berlin, was also in Copenhagen to cover fashion week and just so happened to be sitting across from me during the Jean//phillip S/S 12 show.  He was kind enough to send me his review for Andy Magazine, which has been translated below.

“When it comes to the Danish designer Jean / / phillip Dyeremose, the fashion-conscious man dresses in the spring and summer of 2012 in monochromatic black, white or shades of gray. The avant-garde fashion designer showed a collection that can be attributes to the liberal, sporty, and probably best described as androgynous. Skilfully suggests Jean / / phillip the bridge to the feminization without his very masculine models look ridiculous from the laundry to be.
Another element that is highly visible through the entire collection through it attracts, is the subject of the asymmetry. The simple, oriental-style outfits without bright colors and patterns consist of jackets, tops and shorts or trousers, the result sent by processed details and angular cuts, despite the mostly dark color choice a summery look.
Jean / / phillip creates his designs with the optimal balance between holistic wellness designs with a hand clothing for everyday life and the other elegant, extroverted pieces in a futuristic look for a hip event.
The fact is that some designs of this collection because of the unique daring not literally everyone is, but it is precisely this courageous step forward, which keeps alive the fashion world and inspires us. It can be seen: Fashion lives in their time, there is no standing still. Because fashion that does not change is the fossil.”

Credits: Copenhagen Fashion Week® and Kemara Pol Aka Geschmacksverstärker from Andy Magazine

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