Monday Men Style: Baggy Love

Watching all these good-looking men parade around with their cool, big, long, strapping, messenger style, cross-body, things that  they wear everyday (that sentence could of gone into a completely different direction), has me wanting what the other person has.  Quite sure some of you are agreeing with me right now.

We ladies can wear the slacks, boyfriend jeans, t-shirts, crew neck sweaters  and make it our own without being called a tomboy, but why not include some bags?  I’ve found some arm candy for us that we can wear now and included some garments which will compliment the baggy stuff.

One of the beauties of being a woman is taking something masculine and making it feminine!  We don’t want what’s in the bag boys, we want the bag itself.

Shop fall’s hottest fashion trends at

1. Double Buckle Messenger Bag $99

2.  ASOS Bobby Backpack
icon $45.74

3. Diesel Black Gold Leather Shopper $823

4. Wolfgang Canvas Backpack $64

5.  River Island Messenger Bag $45.72

6. ASOS Cottle Canvas Shopper $35

7. Kris Van Assche Messenger Bag$270

8. Cambridge Satchel Company Mock Satchel $214

9. Reclaimed Vintage Backpack $64

10. Diesel Gutsy Messenger Bag$310


Look 1.River Island Padded Detail Sweater $64 // ASOS Midi Skirt with Equestrian Print $82 // MAESTRO Leather Lace Up Shoe $45.75

Look 2. Maroni Shirt $120 // ASOS Drapey Pocket Waist Midi Skirt $64 // Zara Jelly Shoes $99

Look 3. Zara Crossover Jacket $169 // T By Alexander Wang Asymmetrical Maxi Dress $175 // Ash Birdy Mid Wedge Lace Up Trainer $345.75

Look 4. SIMEON FARRAR FOR JAPAN Kate Mouse cotton T-shirt $80 // ASOS Midi Skirt with Belt
icon$82 // LR x SUNO Estrella platform wedge$595

We all love to get the most out of our clothes so the garments and shoes above are interchangeable with each other!

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