Monday Men Style: Head Movers

Dark, blonde, straight, curly, neat or messy.  Those are just a few words used to describe the long hair men that we hubba hubba after!  Anything longer than my own hair can be somewhat of a problem, but when I’m going through my Afro phases, those are the exceptions periods.

Don’t get me wrong, men with bald heads are also accepted into the “Whatta Man”  club, but just a couple more inches of hair on a guy’s head can go a long way.  A yank a day will keep us at play!!

Photos via TheDukeLookingAtThings GTheGentlman LanvinStyle

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  • Randihater2003

    These guys are hot. Where do you get these pics from?

  • K Rubertein

    Love you site, great material!

  • I’ve loved Depp since his 21 Jumpstreet Days and I think he’d still look scrumptious even if he were dressed in nothing but a potato sack, but  I do prefer his  pre  à la Pirate of the Caribbean hairdo.  Also, the last pic in this set is my favourite. But, like my love of Depp,  my love for Scott Speedman makes me biased.  I’ve loved Speedman since I first laid eyes on him in “Felicity,” and like fine wine he just gets better looking every day.