Monday Men Style: 10 Men,10 Essentials

G.Q keeps me informed with what the guys wear, or listen to, their needs, wants, the trend and the classics.  One of the ways GQ helps keep us informed with what the the big names within the creative world can’t live without is the  10 Essentials segment on the site.

So I picked one essential each, from 10 men along with the quotes from the men themselves describing the must-have essential in their lives.


1.Christopher Bastin: The designer behind the menswear label, Gant Rugger.

1967 Riva Aquarama Boat

“We normally go to a place called Alassio during summers, in Italy, and actually the old Riva stockyards, like their shipyard, is based in the harbor. They don’t use it anymore, but there’s still the signs, and all the pictures of those old Italian race boats.  I could see myself dying crashing this baby into Mr. Clooney’s place after spending a night at Villa D’Este.”


2. Ladies and gents, this MC rocks sequined shirts, gold dookie rope chains, suede bucks and hails from Brooklyn, NY.  May I present Theophilus London.

On the Left Theophilus London, right Lapel Pins

“I collect pins of all kinds. Lapel pins are good because it makes the blazer pop. My favorite is a cheetah. I got it at La Rosa! It’s a full body cheetah that’s so long, it has two pins under it to pin your shirt. I actually wear it on my album cover. It’s in my suit. Instead of having a handkerchief on my suit jacket, it’s a cheetah hanging out.”


3. Who hasn’t seen Nick Wooster, the fashion director, on several fashion blogs and websites showcasing his personal style and signature mustache.  Picking one of his essentials to feature was hard, but I decided to show one I love just as much as Mr. Wooster does.

Nick Wooster and luggage from Rimowa

“It’s stainless steel, it’s German, it’s tough, and it’s cool. To me, it’s the coolest luggage. It’s really cool-looking and it’s really indestructible, and I travel all the time.”


4. Alexander Wang makes clothes and accessories that are street-chic. So I couldn’t help but stick to what I know and love from the designer.

Alexander Wang with one of his signature t-shirts.

“I love the way that T-shirts feel when you sleep in them and pull them on the next day. That’s how I’ve tried to design mine. They sort of mold to your body. Thankfully, I can wear a tee to work every day and I do.”


5: The french designer behind J.Mendel, Gilles Mendel, has something to say with his clothes and an essential that should be shared with all.

Giles Mendel and Common Projects Sneakers

“These killer sneakers are for my more casual moments. They don’t feel like such a departure from what I usually wear because the design is so simple, just with little twists here and there—like that little zigzag patch they put just between the lace and the front of the shoe—that make them unique.”


6. I have a soft spot for music and it helps when the creative minds behind some of my favorite beats look good.  In comes songwriter, producer and DJ Diplo.

Diplo and Apogee One USB Audio Interface

“My makeshift studio. I’ve recorded album tracks for superstars on this. It’s so portable and amazing and you can just hook it into your computer.”


7. Patrick Robinson held down the Gap fort for almost 4 years as creative director.  Here is something that  helped him along the way.

Patrick Robinson and PK 31 leather chairs by Poul Kjærholm (1958)

“I just got a new office and I was lucky to find these recently from a dealer in Brooklyn. Most Danish furniture is wood but Poul Kjæholm broke away from a lot of Danish designers of his period. He really only worked with metal. These are special: I have my conference room for most meetings, but these are more for one-on-one, very direct conversations with people.”


8: Full beard and mustache, tattoos and all about the jewelry, makes jewelry designer Philip Crangi one to admire.

Philip Crangi and a signet Ring

“This ring has an intaglio—fancy word for a carving—of Aries on it. I’m not an Aries sign, but who cares? I bought it at Brimfield a few years ago and wear it every single day.”


9: Actor and jewelry designer, Waris Ahluwahlia keeps his line House of Waris, at fashion hot-spots around the world. The jet-setting New Yorker has one essential that I wish we can have in common sooner rather than later. A well used passport.

The passports of all passports from Waris Ahluwalia

“I love my passport. I plan trips very last minute, so I always carry it with me. Who knows? I could go to the other side of the world tomorrow. And when I’m abroad, I never leave my passport at the hotel. I’m in India or Paris the most often, but I’m most proud of all of my tropical stamps. I’m going to keep collecting them.”


10: Ben Gorham, decided to after retiring from professional basketball he would keep all of us smelling good with Byredo Parfums.  A tall good-looking man after my heart.  One of his essentials has me wishing most men would follow suit.

Ben Gorham supports getting suits tailor made from Bauer & Co.

“I have all my suits tailor-made from Bauer & Co. in Stockholm. They’ve been around for more than 150 years and they’re the only real bespoke tailor left in Scandinavia. The latest addition to my collection is a dark double-breasted summer suit. It’s made from a 1950s dead stock fresco fabric that I found at a Scottish mill.”

To get the complete 10 Essentials on GQ click here


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