Stacking Steiger

Many years ago, when most of us were attending elementary school, we were learning the basis, mathematics, history, English.  After school we had activities, like piano lessons, soccer, and one of my all time favorites, learning how to walk mummy’s heels.  Some of you ladies out there can relate to heel laps in the hallways, trying to get the walk just right, even though the pumps owned by our mothers, aunts or any other older female relative at the time, were 3 times the size of your feet. Back then we were young glam-dons in the making.  It didn’t matter,  at that time we wanted  to be  5 feet in height and walk around in anything other that our jellies sandals and Reebok sneakers and those 2 1/2 pumps were the highlights of our young lives.

Fast forward to today.  Our heel walks have been perfected for years now, but simple pumps can’t get us excited anymore. Here comes Walter Steiger in all it’s glory.  A legendary brand  with over 40 years in the fashion business Walter Steiger,  has worked with  several fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Karl Lagerfeld and Chloe. I could go on about Steiger’s bio but I would much rather show off Steiger’s Spring 2011 collection which is truly soleful (new word) art.
With a pair of  Walter Steiger’s heels the simply activity of wearing heels no longer exists. You’ve become a walking piece of art, that will be stared at. See my fellow fashionistas, all those years of practicing your strut are paying off.
All photos are from Walter Steiger's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection


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