Spanx Against Sweat.

The days of 80 degrees and higher are upon us in NYC and the sweating games have commenced. I’ve never been to fond of sweating, since my sweat glands likes to make their presence know at all time, not just the gym. Summer time seems like Sweat makes up for lost time during the fall/winter months, and my summer outfits suffer.
My beautiful silk dresses begged to be worn during the summer, but no no Sweat was reigning over the lands with the Sun and I didn’t have the right to look cool and dry. If I dared sat down outside on a hot summer day,   once up again, my backside would look as though I pied in the sitting position.  Imagine having that look at an outside wedding?  Some an relate to what I’m about to say… Spanx thank you!
Ms. Spanx ALot (nickname those special undergarments) is a multi purpose miracle not just for making me look lean and smooth in all the right areas, but keeps me looking dry in…all the right places.
I brought my first pair of Spanx over a year ago. I was a bit hesitant about owning these especially tight panties, but after some of my customers and friends sung it praises, a pair was purchased and now I’m part of the Spanx choir. Want to stop the extra butt shaking? Spanx it up! Want to make your stomach flatter? Spanx it up! Want to soak up the sweat while wearing those beautiful dresses and the hot days? Spanx ladies! The marriage of my Spanxs and silk dresses is a happy one. Now, everytime I wear a silk dress the Spanx is along for the ride.  The small collection of Spanxs I now own, will be in heavy rotation this summer, at the same time saving me a ton on dry cleaning.
They keep me comfortable, cool and those embarassing sweat marks on the clothes off.  The advertising team behind this modern day girdle should start including that in their pitch.
Great selection of Spanx products HERE


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