Jewelry Of Mass Destruction

No pain no gain ladies, danity, cute and luxurious are no longer the words we use to describe our jewelry.  Tough, bold, hardcore, a bit dangerous if you make any sudden movements and can injure to those who may want harm to you. Just a couple of ways we like to make jewelry statements these days.  I’ve always been a fan of the extreme and wanted to purchase some of my very own, but while searching, I couldn’t help but notice how expensive these POWERFUL jewelry pieces were.  We all know about the weapons used during wars costing millions of dollars, I guess that some of these designers decided that imitation not only in design, but in cost, is the best form of flattery.

Clockwise from upper left:

FLUTTER Spiky earrings$265

FLUTTER Spike ring$184

DRIES VAN NOTEN Flower necklace$625

DOMINIC JONES Spike ring $333

GILES Beaded dinosaur necklace $2133

VIONNET Pendant necklace$529

Clockwise from upper left:

Hannah Martin single earring $395

Gareth Pugh signature curved ring $239

BLING DEENIE Spiked bracelet $65

MAWI Spike ring$320

House of Waris Flame Bracelet $8950.00

Eddie Borgo Gunmetal-plates crystal triangle necklace $740

Eddie Borgo Gold-plated spike earrings $315

Clockwise from upper right:

Aurelie Bidermann sterling silver helmut ring $1260

Aurelie Bidermann Leather Cadman Cuff $853

Aurelie Bidermann Camden 18-karat gold-plated studded leather cuff $1495


Clockwise from upper left:

Pamela Love Tribal Spike Sterling Silver Three-Finger Ringer $690

Pamela love talon sterling sliver cuff $1150

Pamela Love Tribal Spike Sterling Silver Cuff $645

Pamela Love Burnished-Pewter & Leather Necklace $1120

Clockwise from upper right:

Fallon Spike Choker$230

Fallon Curb Necklace$335

FALLON Spike ring$109

Fallon Labrynth Chandelier Earrings$161

Fallon Crest Coin Choker$161

Fallon All Points West Bracelet$80

ASSAD MOUNSER Annihilation collar $430


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