Fashion Collage: A Petite Rocking The Grecian Dress.

Sassy Mama of Two, Wants the Greeks to bow down to her.

Well she didn’t exactly say that, but I’m quite sure those are her intentions once we find a great grecian inspired dress for her.
It started months ago when my friend saw a dress I purchased and wanted the very same one for herself.  When my draped creation became a sold out item on ASOS, she later asked  if I would be willing to sell her mine.  I though she was joking, or at least hoped she was, until she went a step further and asked me for a selling price.
My dress was not for sale but finding one to satisfy my friend’s Grecian love affair would have to do.
I Suggest: When you’re petite, you can easily get lost in a dress if there is too much draping on the garment. A shorter dress with more draping or a longer dress with less draping shall do, you can’t have them both.

Dresses available on SSENSE.COM and

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