To Hell And Back In Heels.

I came across photographs from artist, Marilyn Minter showcasing some feet that looked as though the heels being worn, were there taking them to death’s gate, something I could relate to along with some other women out there.

If you’ve ever worn a pair of heels in your life,  you’ve sacrifice comfort at least once. It’s almost a right of passage for females, along with dressing up and that special friend that visits every month.   Some embrace the gift of immediate height thanks to a couple of inches, while others quickly realized that the pain isn’t worth it. I’ve been to hell and back over the years while wearing heels that were too high, too narrow, too hard or too lose, just too much for me to continue wearing them the devilish things.

I personally love wearing the bloody things that have actually made me bleed in the past…  They make me feel sassier empowered and sometimes my heels save me from hemming my maxi skirts and dresses!  It’s just a matter of finding, female stomping tools that are comfortable or I can manage to wear for over 5 hours, yea such things do exist in the 21st century.  Now, I’m older, wiser, and less tolerant of pain, I can appreciate a good pair of heels once found and makes me a bit more willing to spend money on them.

So for those who I’ve gave the special  (I know your pain girl) nod to in passing, I’m working on this for all of us.

Photos via Salon 94

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