Stop and Stare Street Style.

Ladies, I’m here to show proof  that the pressure to look great has gotten worst,  thanks to some of the men wondering the streets of New York City.
Gone are the days when boys would wear the pants down to their knees, no more dirty Timberlands or down coats.  The clothes fits the boys to men, and talk about a well-made suit that deserves a double take!

After showing one of my friends the photos, she made a comment that never occurred to me, “We as women are so focused on looking at the guys to see if they’re checking us out, we never take time to check them out.”
It’s time  for us as women to step up our games, the opposite sex is giving us a run for our money.  Gay, straight, bisexual, doesn’t matter what you’re into, the men are making it worth our while to observe with mischievous grins!
So these photos thanks to Tommy Ton from Jak&Jil and can provide several things for us:
1.Motivate several of us to step it up with our attire and overall look every time we leave our homes.
2. Try not to always be in a rush, take time to notice your surroundings, when I say surrounding, I mean the men who stare us down, return the favor.
3. If we’re every having a bad day and we need some candy that is safe for us to consume, let’s go the the photo gallery below and enjoy some eye-candy.  Our bodies will thank us later!
And from me, you’re welcome! (wink)

Photos via and Tommy Ton

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