Hunter May Have a Second Life.

The Hunter boots are still around me, especially with New York not wanting to break-off it’s relationship with snow these past couple of weeks. So I’ve had to tolerate the H rubber wellies taking over the sidewalks.

Much better than a wellie

Now, it seems that Hunter wants to extend their stay through the Spring-Summer seasons with simple thongs, raffia-soled wedges, clogs, and platform sandals.

New style clog from Hunter

I’m all for a company capitalizing on what they have and making a profit, so please  join Dolce Vita, Jeffrey Campbell and Kathryn Amberleigh on the pavements for the hotter months this year,  but be warned Hunter, a price tag of $250 for clogs will most likely put you on sale early in the season and the Hunter logo, best to keep it hidden on the insole of the shoe. Don’t think the HUNTER letters will complete the look with a printed summer dress.

The Hunter Funeral

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