I Don’t Think So: Don’t Bend Your Head.

Extreme weather changes can cause us to wear things that, at the very moment, seems like a good choice, and then you actually start to think or you pass a mirror, whichever one comes first.

For example: When it’s too hot, we may use this as an excuse to rock the skimpiest outfit we can get away with, giving some of those street walkers a run for their money. When it rains, some people think the rainboots with zebra print is what was needed to complete  your work attire.

Now when it snows… The coat is on, snow boots on, scarf, gloves, hat, HAT-Headdress.

I honestly don’t know if this creation from Maison Martin Margiela can go into the hat category. Statement piece:Yes.  Editorial head pieces:Yes.  Being sold to consumers for $3115.00: Why?

Imagine a typical day, of someone who owns this piece.  Getting out of the front door wearing it, would be an adventure by itself, then the only form of transportation would be walking, since fitting one’s large (ah ah) into a train or a bus will make the commute one for the books. Then again, if you can afford to pay that much for , I dare to say, this hat, you wouldn’t even be thinking about public transportation or walking.  The special car with a custom made cut-out just for this special Maison Martin Margiela Fur Headdress is where you would be sitting.

Maison Martin Margiela Fur Headdress $3115.00 on Ssense.com

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  • Anonymous

    The things people will do for fashion. Nice post though