A Shady Time To Leave Me.

I recently lost a part of my accessory family after years of service. I just wanted to take the time to say a couple of words. Sniff Sniff.

This has been the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a pair of specs.  Others have come, gone and still lingering around, but your untimely death has been a bit hard for me.  I know you’re suppose to treat the ones you love with care, and you know that I tried, but there were days with the harsh rays were too much for me to handle alone and I had to put you to work overtime.  Your true potential to protect my brown beauties showed me that you were one of the best!

You never complained, and waited patiently to be cleaned from the smeary world you saw daily.  I though that taking you with me to travel the world and the Caribbean Sea would should how special your were to me,  but the wear and tear on your small frame took it’s toll and the Fall of 2010 was the last time you and I would spend quality time together.

Now, five years after our first date in Soho, you’ve left my world in pieces.  My special specs, you lived a long, full life and broke apart from natural causes.  So even though I wasn’t ready for you to pass on to shady heaven, I’m happy with the time we spent and the great job you did to keep the rays away from me.

Finding a replacement will not be easy but I owe it to the big frames to find a pair that will come close to the chic and timeless look my now passed shades once had.

All the funeral attendees are listed below and eager to be a replacements.  Such tough decisions ahead.

All shades plus more can be found on labrabbit.org

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