Striking Jeans Put Leggings Into Office.

Having clothes not fit around the holiday season happens pretty often to the best of us. In the past, I’ve chuckled at the stories from some women around me  and made suggestions as to what they can wear until the skinny jeans can fit again.  Why should we deprive ourselves from the good food being served to us throughout the last month of the year?

Unfortunately I’ve joined the pack and my jeans are not agreeing with me right now.  The jeans are on strike after I returned from  a weekend celebration in Florida, which of course involved lots of food!     My plan of doing some retail therapy in the south was put on the back burner when eating became the only activity on the agenda.  When you’re in the moment, you don’t think too much about the results, just the instant gratification.  Didn’t realize how much of  self-indulgent lifestyle caught up to me, until returning to New York and trying to fit into a pair of my skinny jeans.  My Uniqlo jeans were not forgiving nor were the pair of Levis tapered pair I tried on right after.  Getting those jeans to fit, turned into a health risk.
Luckily, I’ve been going through my “chic leggings” phrase so I pulled on a pair not thinking about fitting back into the jeans once again, but what will my options be for the next two weeks?  The Christmas parties, dinners and New Year’s Eve still to go, I have to skirts, leggings or jeans that will be forgiving, a bit festive and comfortable.  Quite sure most of you are thinking the same thing.  I’ve found some great pieces that will give us some room to breathe, eat , drink and repeat again.  After the New Year, we can think about giving our jeans their jobs back, but will they take it?

Leggings:Style Stalker Snakebite Leggings in Black$189

Sweater:Viktor And Rolf Chunky Mohair Knit Sweater$1365

Ring:House of Harlow 1960 Tribal Ring in Turquoise$95

Handbag:Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Purse Bag Sage $319

Boots:Rosegold Sue Laceup Wedge in Black $225

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