One For The Artists.

Niek Pulles

Last night I was hoping to attend an exhibit at The Rush Arts Gallery to support my artistic brethren, but that was not to be.  The gallery decided to shut down the exhibit  early, which was right after I arrived.   “No worries, ” I said to myself, I ‘ll just went home and worked on some of my own projects.

At 2:20am this morning my companion at that time, Photoshop, crashed,  leaving me alone and in a panic mode.  After 20 minutes of trying to get Photo-man to come back to me and failing , I gave up.

My night was not going well, no Photoshop and no  flashbacks  from the gallery night before, I went to my phone & scrolled through the photos taken weeks ago while at Phillips De Pury & Company.  Looking at the different art pieces got me thinking, why not have my own version of a gallery? A post a week featuring artists or art installations that I think deserve mentioning  In your face The Rush Arts Gallery for closing the doors on me early.  As for Photoshop… come back to me please or I’ll upgrade your sorry butt.

Artist of different genres, NEIK PULLES (HeyNiek)

Photos Via (Trendland)

MARILYN MINTER see more of her work on

ALLAN MCCOLLUM The Shapes Project (2005-) on

German photographer Jackie Hardt

Photos VIA (JackieHardt)

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