Lanvin and H&M Broke the Camel’s Back.

Some time in the near past, on a cold winter morning, I woke up earlier than usual for a special adventure. An adventure I didn’t realize would put my life at risk. But I should of realized that something so rare at the time would have people going crazy and fighting for the small portions given, but I would find this out quickly that morning.

The year: 2005

The Town: NYC.

Exact Location: H&M 34st/7th ave.

Our Mission: To purchase as many pieces of clothes from the collaborative collection between fashion designer Stella McCartney and H&M the retail franchise.

The Brave Soul To Accompany Me: Fashion Designer, Kim Phan.

At that time, collaborations between fashion houses and designers were few and far between, and the options to buy these hot ticketed clothes weren’t many.  So it didn’t surprise us when we saw lines of eager shoppers waiting for H&M to open their doors at 10am that chilly Fall morning.
What did surprise us was the fact that we almost lost came very close to getting injured over clothes. Running, grabbing, pushing, screaming, gorilla tactics were being used by women and men, so they can hold onto as much merchandise as they could. Barney’s Warehouse partakers you have nothing on these ladies.
The adventure turned into a nightmare that us scared for life. Trying to get anything from all future joint ventures between H&M and fashion designers, have been avoided from then until…

My absence from these insane, almost fatal shopping sprees might come to an end this year and I will blame it on the Lanvin deciding to add their name to the well know list of fashion designers that H&M saw fit to work with. This collaboration is giving us more than we’ve gotten before from H&M + one. Of course there will be dresses, jackets, skirts, but the different textures and fabrics used for the clothes shows us that H&M took things to a higher level with the Parisian fashion house. A level up means more to chose from, so why not give us shoes, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses and pieces for the guys.
After getting a glimpse of the collection, it had me thinking, maybe this is the one worth going back into the Lion’s Den for? But I should have a game plan in place with teammates, decoys and mace. The better the collaboration the greater the danger.

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