Watch Out Home Sweet Home.

Lately, when I do the social thing it usually involves me sitting in a great restaurant with friends, some chatting, eating, drinking and then I end my night early sleeping off a good meal.  So when I ventured out the Saturday before last with some old friends to meet some new friends, didn’t realized what I was getting into after drinking my first Four Loko.  The night would turn into a meet up of cool, chic criminals starting trouble.

Four girls at dinner, evolve into a birthday celebration then graduated into a gang of eight crazy people who held the crowds at The Beauty Bar and Home Sweet Home in NYC at dance-point.

The Beauty BarGang from Gramercy

In the center:Meredith (Meddy) Hurd.  The Birthday Gal and the mastermind behind the Beauty Bar Gang.

Zach Hurd(on the right): Meddy’s brother and her right hand man on most crimes.  They show us that a family that parties together, stays together.

John Paul Hennessy (on the left): With this last name, trouble is guaranteed and John Paul obviously takes pride in what he does. Just don’t have him with your Four Loko.

The Xiao Ye Gang from the Lower East Side.

Ning Juang: Head of the Xiao Ye Gang and the person who introduced me to Four Loko.

Laura Heng: Became a member of the Xiao Ye gang only hours before her mug shoot was taken.  With her sexy hard core look, there was no surprise she was ready for a night of trouble!

Kalyca Romeo:  I was the innocent one, forced to continue the night of mischief at Home Sweet Home.  Don’t believed what the others may say, I did not Drop It Like It Was Hot.

I was spared most of the charges the other gang members faced this time, but you never know what will happen when we all meet again.

Troubled times are ahead.

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