No Time Like The Present.

Right now I’m sitting on a train, on my way home thinking about what should my first post be?  For what you ask, let me rewind a bit.

Two months ago while at work, was a bit frustrated that I wasn’t doing more of what I love in fashion. I want to write, style and put my own two cents out there.  So I decided to try something different with how I’ve been approaching my future in fashion.

About eight years ago, my plan was to get a degree in fashion design, then become an established designer, but my life has never been a straight and narrow road with an easy path therefore, I should of know that working towards my career in fashion would be an adventure with different roads that are wide and bumpy along the way.

Somehow from my first semester at Fashion Institute of Technology to this day, I’m still not a fashion designer, but don’t cry for me Argentina. My journey from then till now has been a learning experience that wouldn’t be traded for anything.

In the last six years I’ve worked for two fashion designers and two boutiques one of which I still work for. Held such positions as Assistant Designer, Account Manager, Merchandiser, Buyer, Boutique Manager, Stylist, etc. Now a new outlet is needed for me, a place that will allow me to write, style, interview, share advice and opinions from some of my fashionable expert friends. This should be an enjoyable project.

Fast forward to me standing at my train station finishing this.  Welcome to Romeo Style. My own little fashionable way of expressing what I love about this fashion high most of us yearn for over and over again.

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