I Wish I May: Fashion Week Shoes Needed.

Fashion Week has me wanting new stuff , but since I’ll have to wait until next year to wear what’s on the runways now, I need distractions and creating wish lists can work…for now.  Trying to think practical here.  Starting with the shoes that I can wear while working the NYC streets as the fashion lover I am.

Diane Von Furstenberg Opal Wedges $295.  Don’t be afraid to wear these wedges over tights & socks paired with tampered jeans or a knee length skirt.  Just another reason for us to give our wedges some more wear time for Fall.

Jeffrey Campbell Meeker Shoe in Black Suede $185  These are the shoes that I want attention some attention while wearing them.  Slightly akward looking but it should be the focus point of the outfit.

What Comes Around Goes Around High Top Studded Sneaker $215 These sneakers are just so cool why not have them?  I would love to wear them with a solid colored maxi knit dress and a leather jacket.

Dolce Vita Women’s Joelle Boot,Brown,7 M US $236.25  The Ax-Men look is in and me likey!! Since this is not a trend I’ve worn in the past, wearing a brand I like, Dolce Vita is a good way to ease into it.  Still have to think about what clothes would work my version of trecker boots.

Just in case the Converse/What Goes ARound Comes Around Is too much for the wallet, getting a chain/stud combo from  Sam Edelman will work. $120

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